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Buy Plots in Islamabad with Easy Installment Payment

Are you stressed for having a low budget to buy a property in Islamabad? We will help you to get the properties of your dream with an easy installment payment. So take stress for imaging best plot rather than budgeting to buy it. Buying a property is in everyone's wish list. But due to inadequate money, sometimes either they are forced to drop down the plan or buy a home that comes easily in their budget and forgets about their dream home. No doubt, property transactions involve heavy investment and it becomes unaffordable because there are many dealers around who want to make maximum earnings from the deals, making the plots costly for the buyers. That is why we are offering premium quality plots near New Islamabad airport as well as in Islamabad too. Now you can make your dream home a real one only with a very low down-payment that falls within your existing budget.

Benefits of getting plots in installment with Jumierah World Real Estate

Most of the people think that they need to pay a heavy interest rate if they buy a plot in installment or they may have to pay more as down-payment. Then let us explain the basic advantages of getting plots with us.

· No extra burden of payments: Our installment sale will eliminate your extra burden of paying for your chosen land as the our deal will help you with low down payments as well as zero cost EMI.

· Automatic sales election: It means if the seller carries any back financing then the sale election of the plot will be automatic. The tax result will eventually follow the seller's profit and it will become taxable only when the buyer makes principal payments on the secured loan.

· No cost EMI: If you buy a plot on installment in Islamabad, then you don't have to worry about costly EMI as we offer no extra costs for that.

· Low down payment: This is an addition of our business as you will be required to pay very less that is up to 25% down payment to make the dream plot yours which will be definitely within your budget. This will obviously depend upon the cost of the plot.

plots on installments in islamabad

So, it's time to get your dream home into real without worrying about your budget. We have a team of consultants who will provide you with the best ideas and list of plots available for sale in Islamabad and New Islamabad airport. It is our promise that you will never regret to make a deal with us.